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Spike Tape
Par 64 Lamps
HD20K J-Series Lamp

Osram aluPAR 64 1000w 240v, CP60 VNSP

A lightweight that meets the highest requirements: aluPAR§ 56 and aluPAR§ 64 ¤ Modular lamp design ¤ The light aluminium parabolic reflector and the front plate are mechanically connected ¤ Option of assembly into single components leads to environmentally friendly disposal ¤ Up to 50 % less weight for easier handling and reduced transport costs ¤ Luminous intensity is increased by up to 10 %, especially for the aluPAR§ 56 ¤ The robust lamp design ensures a long service life ¤ Safety is increased due to the integrated, patented lamp fuse according to DIN IEC 60432-2 ¤ Full compatibility with ANSI/CE standards ¤ aluPAR 56 and aluPAR 64 are available in different wattages to ensure high flexibility ¤ Winner of the Innovation Awards at PLASA 2005

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