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Osram Powerstar HQI-T 250W/D E40

Metal halide lamps with quartz technology for enclosed luminaires. Use in Factories and workshops, Sports halls and multi-purpose halls, Industrial installations, Docks and Port facilities, Marshaling yards, container transshipment facilities Approved only for use in enclosed luminaires Product benefits Output of up to 400 W High efficiency Different light colors Long life time High color saturation (up to 66 %) in blue, green and magenta E40 screw base for simple lamp handling UV values significantly below the maximum permitted thresholds to IEC 61167 thanks to UV filter Product features POWERSTAR quartz technology UV filter technology Light colors: neutralwhite (N), daylight (D) Colored lamps Technical Data Electrical Data Nominal wattage 250 W PFC capacitor at 50 Hz 32 .F 1) Lamp current 3 A Ignition voltage 4.0 / 5.0 kVp 2) Rated wattage 250 W Rated lamp efficacy (standard condition) 76 lm/W 1) At rated voltage and cos . . 0.9 2) Minimum / Maximum Light technical data Nominal luminous flux 20000 lm Color temperature 5500 K Rated luminous flux 19000 lm Color rendering group 1A Color rendering index Ra 92 Rated LLMF at 2,000 h 0.84 Rated LLMF at 4,000 h 0.76 Rated LLMF at 6,000 h 0.74 Rated LLMF at 8,000 h 0.72 Rated LLMF at 12,000 h 0.68 UV protection Yes Dimensions and weight Diameter 46.0 mm Length 226.0 mm Light center length (LCL) 150.0 mm Colors and materials Lamp mercury content 18.0 mg Temperatures Maximum permitted outer bulb temperature 400deg.C Maximum permitted base edge temperature 250deg.C Lifespan Lifespan B50 12000 h Rated lamp survival factor at 2,000 h 0.95 Rated lamp survival factor at 4,000 h 0.90 Rated lamp survival factor at 6,000 h 0.80 Rated lamp survival factor at 8,000 h 0.70 Rated lamp survival factor at 12,000 h 0.50 Operation mode LLMF/LSF 50 Hz Additional product data Base (standard designation) E40 Design / version Clear Footnote used only for product With NAV control gear Capabilities Dimmable No Burning position p30 1) Enclosed luminaire required Yes 1) Color shifts possible in base-down burning position Country specific categorizations ILCOS MT/UB-250/52/1A-H-E40-46/225

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