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Osram Lok-It! HTI 1500 W/60/P50

The OSRAM HTI 1500W/60/P50 Lok-it! lamp is the first in a series of Lok-it! twist-lock lamps used with the PGJX50 lampholder. Designed to be operated at both 1200W and 1500W, this lamp is the perfect solution to both existing luminaires that use a 1200 watt PGJX50 base lamp, as well as newer luminaires designed for the higher 1500 watt output. Product Number 54224 Product Description HTI 1500W/60/P50 Lok-it! Rated Wattage (W) 1500 Ignition Voltage (cold) 4.5kV Rated Voltage (V) 100 +/- 10 Rated lamp Current (A) 16 (max 17.5) Luminous Flux (lm) 145,000 Arc Gap (mm) 5 Avg. Rated Life (hrs) 750 Color Temperature (K) 6000 CRI >85 Base PGJX50

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